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Optilice is our own unique product for removing sealice from salmon and trout without using chemicals or medicals. Optilice uses only temperated water and a combination of flushing under and over water-level to remove the parasite sealice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) and (Caligus elongatus).

The fish goes through the system and are bathed in temperated seawater or freshwater holding 28-34 °C for 20-30 seconds. Scientific test has showed that 98 % of all mobile pre-and adult sealice, are removed. The treatment using temperated water does not harm or has any negative effect on the fish. 


    • High capacity. 100 tons/hour pr unit.
    • Operates by 1-2 people
    • 24/7 service from Optimar
    • Logging of data for easy documentation and reports
    • Remote service online with live view
    • Continuous flow.
    • Thermal water with flushing under and above water level.
    • Oxygenation and water treatment.
    • Fully controllable exposure-time.
    • Fully controllable temperature.
    • Filtration of all water.
    • Collection and destruction of sealice.
    • Hygienic: Automatic CIP- washing Cleaning inside pipes and tanks with integrated O3 system
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  • OptiLicer from OptimarStette
  • OptiLicer